Bulgaria will participate in a joint project with Austria, Hungary, Romania and Slovenia to implement the Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe by 2016

The funding provided amounts to € 480,000

 The project was approved during the ninth meeting of the Committee of Ministers for Police Cooperation Convention for Southeast Europe. It takes place in Brdo near Kranj, in Slovenia.
The forum was attended by Deputy Interior Minister Dimitar Georgiev. Ministers of the Contracting Parties /Austria, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary, Montenegro/ discussed the priorities of the current Albanian Presidency of the Convention and the main targets planned by Austria for the second half of this year.
 Ministers endorsed the launch of two projects that will help funding various activities – a project worth approximately € 2,600,000 /CHF 3,105,000/ with the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation with beneficiaries non-EU states, and a project worth over € 480,000 under the EC /ISEC/ Specific programme "Prevention of and Fight against Crime" where the five member states of the EU are both partners and beneficiaries.

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