Commissioner General Svetlozar Lazarov: Bulgaria fulfills the commitments it has made to the EU

The control of the border is maintained at its maximum; the allocation centre of the Migration Directorate in Elhovo was opened on October 7th and is now functioning

6400 are the apprehended illegal emigrants who have entered the country since the beginning of this year. Nearly 40 - 50% of them are women and about 30% are children. Around 1200 have attempted to illegally leave Bulgaria. This was stated by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior - Commissioner General Svetlozar Lazarov, during a conference. He stressed that Bulgaria fulfils the commitments it has made to the European Union and a proof of this are the refugees apprehended at the exit. „These are admitted illegal citizens who have filed documents for receiving refugee or humanitarian status and after that have tried to leave the territory of our country”, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior noted. The Director of General Directorate “Border Police”, Zaharin Penov, added that the majority of apprehended illegal emigrants at the exit of Bulgaria were mainly at the border with Serbia. Penov noted at this stage it can't be said that organised channels have been established, there is more of a logistical support – providing transportation, transporting the illegal citizens to the border area. Commissioner General Lazarov was firm that the control of the border is maintained at its maximum. At the Bulgarian-Turkish border alone there are 1 300 officers working, the integrated surveillance is functioning, two helicopters and other technical means have been provided. Under the current regime almost 100% of the illegal emigrants are apprehended. The Secretary General of the Ministry of Interior added that if a political decision is taken and it is moved towards the impossibility of illegal citizens to cross the border, we have the appropriate structures for this to be done.
He also explained the established organisation of the security of the refugee homes and the facilities for temporary accommodation of apprehended foreigners who have illegally crossed the border. It is carried out by the special police forces, the presence of the police around the homes has been increased, as well as the operative surveillance. He announced that on the 7th October was opened the allocation centre of Migration Directorate in Elhovo and it is now functioning.

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